Gender: ovvero il desiderio di smantellare la sensibilità cristiana.

Gender: ovvero il desiderio di smantellare la sensibilità cristiana.

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Interessante articolo di sulla questione gender. Non è una ferma convinzione nell’ideologia di genere quella che muove gli attivisti LGBT quando la volontà di compiere una “rivoluzione (in)culturale” che smantelli il cristianesimo insieme al suo ordine sociale e morale. Per definizione, ciò significa che l’uomo stesso è nel mirino, un punto sul quale molti che hanno adottato la quasi-religione post-cristiana di “umanitarismo” sono apparentemente ignari.

Non a caso il pensiero LGBT si ferma di fronte al muro posto dall’islam sulla questione.


Transgenderism as a Tool of Humiliation


(…) So says Anastasia Lin, who left China at age 13 and now resides in Canada. Writing recently in the Wall Street Journal, she pinpoints the ultimate objective of our politically correct mobs:

The goal is not to persuade or debate; it is to humiliate the target and intimidate everyone else. The ultimate objective is to destroy independent thought.
One can only hope that the extremism exploding all around us may help more people perceive that the target in this case, as with the sexual revolution more broadly, is Christianity itself, along with its social and moral order. By definition, this means that man himself is in the crosshairs, a point to which many who have adopted the post-Christian quasi-religion of “humanitarianism” are apparently oblivious.

Lin describes how her parent’s generation in China “learned to keep their heads down and to watch what they said, even to their closest friends, for fear of being accused of thought crimes,” in order to lament what is taking hold here as well. Too many of us in any number of professions know how true those words ring. (…)